Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Are you visiting New York for a few days and would like to find a pleasant and affordable place to stay? Our place is more of a guest-house than a b+b, located in one of the most beautiful and unique neighborhoods in the five NY boroughs. We have two rooms, which can be rented separately, both sharing the kitchen and bathroom of a beautiful and very “traditionally Brooklyn” apartment. It is a lovely place, recently renovated, with an artistic twist to it. It also functions as an art-studio. The innkeeper is a Brooklyn artist that runs it and also lives and works there, and who will be available to answer any questions about Brooklyn or New York. The location is great, and the rooms are showered with a lot of light, great breezes from the sea ,and views of the magnificent Verazanno Bridge. The neighborhood is one of the most historic areas of Brooklyn, located right on the R line (about 20/25 minutes from Manhattan - 12 mins from Wall Street by the express-bus), and is full of wonderful restaurants, coffee-shops, pubs, diners and places to shop. You will get to see how New York City once was - full of mom-and-pop stores, and amazing people with good ole Brooklyn accents. An old Italian, Greek and Irish neighborhood, Bay Ridge has served as the location for several movies, such as Saturday Night Fever, As Good As It Gets, And Then She Found Me, and many others. Come check us out, and live like a real Brooklynite for a few days. You will enjoy our amazing neighborhood, our people, the vibe, the walk, our great proximity to Manhattan, our everything bagels, kebabs, seafood and the amazing cheesecake (just ask the innkeeper). If you are a fan of Mafia movies, the neighborhood is close to the Bensonhurst home of some bygone mafia legends. If you feel like it, you could go catch the fire-works, ride on the infamous Cyclone roller-coaster, and/or eat at the famous Nathan’s Hot-Dogs in the magnificent neighborhood of Coney Island on a Friday night (only 10 minutes away from us by bus).

Please contact us at:

Rooms are available for $100/night + include breakfast.

Weekends: We require a two-night minimum stay (Friday, Saturday).

Weekdays: Single night stays are ok as long as there is a vacancy.

[Also, let us know if you would be interested in:- renting a bike to visit New York (only $20/day for single person, $30/day for 2) OR- Taking Drawing Lessons at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.]

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